Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dream dollhouse for Princess Pea

                   Princess Pea always wanted a dollhouse but nothing impressed her . We have been Ana White's fans for a long time . We found a plan there for a perfect dollhouse . We changed the plan to fit an 18" doll( American girl) instead of 13" ( Barbie) . The structure is made with 2x2s and stairs with 1x2s .The wallpapers are made with scrapbook paper as well as gift wrapping paper while the floors are made with felt and scrapbook paper for the basement. The roof is made with borders found at the dollar store .Princess Pea is not into dolls a lot but she loves her toy story characters . Junior made her a LEGO car for her garage and Buzz light-year was the first one to move in there . The joy and happiness on her face is motivating and encouraging enough to start looking for a new project .
The plans for a Barbie dream dollhouse can be found here .

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