Thursday, September 6, 2012

Homemade Almond Milk

          Since the kids are back in school , I get lot of time to explore the grocery stores . Upon one such visit I overheard two friends talking about the almond milk . One was telling the other how good almond milk is for her and her family and the other friend was not so sure .  I realized even I had heard my friends talk about it and unknowingly stopped to look at it . As usual the first thing I wanted to do was check the label . Like most of the other processed and packaged products there are many ingredients that don't make sense. Carrageenan ( it's kind of a hidden MSG ) ,Xanthan Gum, evaporated cane juice and the list goes on .. So how many real almonds are there in the carton I will be paying a huge price for ? 
        Making almond milk at home is really easy and healthier too . Traditionally our grandma and mom were making this especially during exam times , during our pregnancies and even after delivery . Almonds are good source of protein , amino acids ,folate and vitamin E which we all know is good for our hair and skin . It can be flavored also .But to get maximum benefits I decided to keep it unsweetened and unflavored . And the kiddos loved it . They did not miss the sugar in it . The almond powder left after straing the milk can be used in baking ,making gravies or even in halwa . This is a really good to have just before the swim meet or a game as it is dairy free . It can be stored in the refridgerator for 4 days .

What we need :-
 1/2 cup almonds
2 cups water

     Yes....only two ingredients . Soak the almonds for 4-6 hours in the water . Peel the almonds . Put it in a blender with little water till it turns in a paste .Add the rest of the water and keep blending . Strain it through a fine strainer or musleen or cheese cloth . This gave me  2 cups of  thick almond milk .  You can add any sweetner or flavor at this time . Serve chilled or at room temperature . This can be used in smoothies also . The leftover almond pulp can be stored in the refridgerator for later use .

    Eat healthy ,live healthy....



Indulge said...

I remember this milk, My mom used to give me as a little girl. Part of the leftover almonds can be used up in the soap recipe.
Love Ash.

Neelam said...

That's agood idea Ash...Will try next time..

Ambica said...

yummy,my kiddo love this milk...left over almond paste i use to thicken the gravy type recipes(like butter chicken) adds more taste :)