Friday, September 28, 2012


                    As moms ,we want our kids to eat healthy balanced meal that will keep them full and satisfied .  we want it to be balanced too . But kids have very little time to eat at school not because they have less time for lunch but in Princess Pea's words,"the recess comes really early ,mom.." this keeps me busy with trying to make one dish ,easy to handle meals . After one party I had some leftover store bought naans .The kiddos eat any kind of sandwich as long as it's homemade .So I came up with this Naanwich and kiddos absolutely loved it .They keep asking for it again and again and I make it over and over again . The filling are endless. I make them with vegetables and egg but even meat would go well too .

We need :-

Store bought naan
Boiled potato
boiled egg
Cheese ( any kind you like )

          Cut the Naan lengthwise so it will be almost symmetrical . Spread hummus on both sides .Layer all the toppings you like .Cover with Cheese .Brush little butter or ghee on both sides .Heat on a hot griddle / counter top grill ,panini maker or even in the oven till the cheese is melted . Serve hot , warm or even cold .




Indulge said...

naanwich sound appealing and will make nice snack for Halloween.. specially after the trick or treat part.
Love Ash

Neelam said...

Yes Ash...wouldn't it be nice to eat a wich on halloween...