Friday, August 24, 2012

Bento lunches

             Last year while surfing on the net I fumbled upon . I was amazed by the the bento lunches . Like most of the kids my kiddos also like to have many options in their lunch box . I could not find images for Indian food Bento box and decided to give it a try .I have not yet bought the Bento lunch box but using my regular lunch box the Bento way .

Steamed rice ,Dal makhani ,Cauliflower paratha ,Cherry tomatoes ,Grapes and a few chocolate chips . This was accompanied by chocolate milk and a granola bar for snack .

Carrot and Peas Pulav ,Cheese paratha , Homemade yogurt , Cherry tomatoes ,Grapes , Almond flour chocolate chip cookies , Dried Cranberries along with chocolate milk .
Shell Pasta in Cilantro - Spinach Pesto ,Hard Boiled Egg ,Cherry Tomatoes ,Grapes ,Dried Cranberries ,Crackers , Walnuts and chocolate cake along with white milk .
Methi Dal , Surati Undhiyu , Lemon Rice , Canataloup , Cherry tomatoes ,Dried Cranberries in lettuce cup and  Roti along with walnuts....
  Carrot Sticks , Italian bread , Dates,cherry tomatoes , Banana pudding , Cantaloup , Idlies ,CXheese and Cracker sandwiches along with milk and Granola bar .
Dal with Drumsticks ,Bell peppers with Besan , Lemon Rice , Roti and Apple

           Cheese Paratha ,Cerry tomatoes ,Tomato ketchup , chocolte cookies ,Apple and milk ..
                   Bourbon cookies , dried Cranberries , Vegetable Quesadilla and Strawberry milk .

                                           Mac n cheese , Steamed broccoli , Bread with cheese spread , grapes, Oreo cookies, Fennel seed candy , Yogurt and Milk
                                    Pav-Bhaji ,Grapes , Oreo cookies and Yogurt

             Spaghetti wit vegetable sauce , fresh Mozzarella -Tomato salad , Grapes, Oreo cookies , Cheese Garlic bread , Yogurt and Milk

          Turkey Pastrami sandwich with hummus and Chipotle Gouda , fresh Mozzarella - Tomato-Basil salad , Grapes ,Oreo cookies and Yogurt


wantbestforkids/Sheetal said...

wow..great ideas

Indulge said...

These boxes are so great. loved the idea that we can use any size boxes with these muffin cups.
Love Ash.

Neelam said...

Thanks Sheetal & Ash...