Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Lip Balm

                                          Fall is definitely in the air . The cooler evenings are reminding me to stock up on chapsticks and lotions. Junior does not want to use the chapsticks as it's a girly thing to do . And princess Pea always wants to put lipstick but mom does not let her do. There has to be a solution for both thyese situations . Miss Ash  has recently posted pictures of her homemade lip balm and I hit a bull's eye .Junior just does not like the way the lip balm is packaged and Princess Pea can have a bit of color . I had these small containers from the  dollar store that I use to send condiments or dressings or yogurt to school . These are small 2"x2" containers,perfect to store lip balm . The project is easy to make and the results are amazing .

Materials needed :

3 Tbsp grated Beeswax
3 Tbsp coconut oil
3 Tbsp Shea butter
3 Tbsp Mango butter ( you can use cocoa butter,coffee butter also)
little food color ( i dipped the tip of toothpick in red food color and swirled it 2 times )

              The red color does not stain the lips but makes tinted lip balm . I know I am cheating Princess Pea but she really thinks her lips are red after applying this lip balm You can even add grated lipcolor if you want to have colored lip balm .

To proceed :

      Melt all the ingredients in a double boiler . I used my favorite glass measuring cup . Pour in the containers .It sets pretty quickly , in a few minuts .

            I am planning to jazz up my containers next time . Junior is really pleased with the balm and the container ,he is using it almost all the time . It works like a charm on Princess Pea's lips who has eczema .

Enjoy .....

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Indulge said...

Awesome lip balms, You can try adding a little colored water left from boiling beets also for the dark pink color. or try adding Turmeric to the oil and then adding it to the bees wax, options are endless.
Love Ash.