Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shea Butter Lavender Soap

                      With Princess Pea's sensitive skin , I wanted to make a soap at home . Commercially available soaps ,even the ones for specifically sensitive and dry skin are not helping . My friend Nicole was talking about how she makes lotions and lip balms at home . She told me about the pour and mold soaps and how I can customize them . This was the first time I ever made soap at home and am very pleased with the result .This did not give her a new allergic reaction . I always wanted to buy handmade soaps from the farmer's market I visit every week but the price kept me away . On my next trip to Michaels I came home with the soap base .
                       The soap can be customized in every possible way . I added shea butter and heavy cream to make it even more moisturizing .The steps are easy as 1-2-3 .

Material needed :

      Soap base ( i used shea butter )
      2 heaped Tbsp Shea butter
      1/8 cup heavy cream
      couple of drops of lavender essential oil

To proceed :

1. Melt the base according to the pakage directions .

2. Add Shea butter and heavy cream . Mix well .

3.Add essential oil.

4. Pour in the molds . Wait for an hour and demold .

                      After the success of this soap the next one will have more moisturizing elements to it such as oatmeal powder , almond and coconut oil . I will be back with the update on them very soon .


Indulge said...

Shea Butter soap looks super creamy and the heavy cream addition will surely make Princess Pea shine and glow. Thanks for the info and lovely space you here.
Love Ash.

Shannon Christman said...

I know the doctor had recommended unscented soap for our kids' sensitive skin. Does the lavendar bother her at all? I would rather have a little fragrance in the soap we use.

Neelam said...

Thanks Shannon for visiting my blog. The lavender oil in this soap is so little ,we can smell it but does not have any effect on delicate skin .