Friday, March 7, 2014

Fresh orange milkshake

      Half day school does not mean after school snacks at all . Kids , according to their body clock and routine get hungry at the same time . Today was one such day . What to give them that won't fill them up too much to eat dinner but to give them enough energy to play . This is one of my kiddo's favorite milkshake . It has become a common milkshake since we got our Breville juicer . All you need is fresh oranges , milk and some sugar . Yes...that's it..
What we need :
4-5 oranges / 2 cups of orange juice
2 cups cold milk 
2 Tbsp sugar / honey to taste
1 tsp vanilla ( optional )
To Proceed :
1) In a blender add orange juice ,milk and sugar and blend well .
2) Serve immediately .
Enjoy !!!

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